DJ BoBo's entry: 'a balkan tune'

by Marcus Klier 97 views

Earlier it has been announced tha DJ BoBo will represent his home country Switzerland in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. already call him 'DJ BoBovic' since the singer has recently announced that his entry will be a 'Balkan hymn' – to get as many points as possible from the Eastern Europe countries.

DJ BoBo has stated: "Our song sounds exactly like people love it in Eastern Europe. No romance, nothing that warms up your heart, just stunning stunning beats, a stamping disco pop – that's very popular in Russia, Poland and Hungary. 30 out of 42 countries that are allowed to vote are in Eastern Europe. If they all give us their points, we can win. The people in these countries."

Nevertheless, the singer has confirmed that the song will be entirely in English: "I will sing in English, anything else wouldn't be compatible with me." The entry is going tosee a massive promotion tour: "We will appear in all TV shows in Eastern Europe, I will promote the song until the cow comes home. Nobody will forget that in the near future."

The reactions by various Swiss music experts show mixed feelings: On the one hand, most of them do expect a good result due to the international strategy. Nevertheless, the abandonment of native elements in the Eurovision Song Contest entries seems not to be very popular.

The Swiss Eurovision Song Contest entry,whose title is yet to be revealed, will be played publically for the first time 10th March during the show <i>Benissimo</i>. Then it will finally revealed what a 'Balkan hymn made in Switzerland' sounds like.

After a 16th place in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest with the multinational group Six4One and their song If we all give a little, Switzerland will have to enter the semi final once again in Helsinki.

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