Danish viewing figures

by Charlotte Jensen 91 views

The viewing figures for the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix are disappointing by Danish standards, but compared to other countries the Danes are still in the top with nearly 1,5 million people watching the national final of a total population at 5,1 million.

With the bigger effort DR has put into its national selection this year Denmark was hoping for viewing figures around 2 million so the little bit below 1,5 million who watched the final are a bit disappointing. The two qualification heats were seen by approximately 1,1 million viewers.

In 2000 1,35 million Danes watched the Olsen Brothers win the Danish final, but since that the viewing figures have been very high and never below the 1,5 million point which seems to be the magical number in Denmark. Despite the disappointing 1,492,000 this year there is still hope that the Eurovision Song Contest will increase interest in Denmark and if the Danes really start to believe that DQ can win in Helsinki there is no doubt that the interest will go up.

Viewing figures for the Danish final since 2000:

2000: 1,356,000
2001: 1,998,000
2002: 2,082,000
2004: 1,779,000
2005: 1,918,000
2006: 1,651,000
2007: 1,492,000

DQ and his Drama queen have to start in the semi-final of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest due to a bad Danish placement last year for Sidsel.


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