Norway: Guri to Helsinki

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Guri winning the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix was actually a dream come true for her, as she
has been a Eurovision fan ever since she was a little girl. In an exclusive interview with Norway's 2007 Eurovision Song Contest explained that she is a lifelong fan… but her favourite entries never win!

Guri was the clear people's favourite tonight, but was not the favourite amongst the jury, tying for second place with Dusty Cowshit and Jannicke. Crash was in thelead, 10 000 points ahead of the three other super-finalists. After the results from the televote she was over 30 000 votes ahead of the big suprise-act of Jannicke and Rocket Ride, a qualifier from yesterday's second chance round. That means that the televoters of Norway never had a doubt; Norway will latino dance their wayto Helsinki this year.

The ranking of the top four in Norway:

1. Guri Schanke – Ven a bailar conmigo 108 541 votes

2. Jannicke Abrahamsen – Rocket ride 78 433 votes
3. Crash! – Wannabe 64 285 votes
4. Dusty Cowshit – Chickern rodeo 63 062 votes

The team talked exclusively to Guri today:

Hey Guri, how are you feeling now?
"I'm good, I'm very happy . I've been waiting a long time for this".

Can you say anything about how you came to find the song?
"Yes, I just had a chance meeting with someone involved with the show and he said 'maybe you want to sing in the song contest?'. I said 'oh yes'. He was thinking about a Latino song for me which was cool because I was thinking about entering a latino song in the 80's. I loved Gloria Estefan and we entered a song but it didn't get through, but it's funny that the same thing came up now.

Actually, I participated in the norweigan version of 'Strictly come dancing', called Shall we dance and came second. It's great to use some of the dancing that I learned from there and to sing as I've done for 25 years. I was so happy to be asked. He found Thomas G:son and told him about this little old lady and her tv appearances and they came up with the song.

The title means 'shall we dance?' in Spanish and it's all about having a dance, being close, tension, the heart-beat and rhythm. The first time I heard it, I smiled from ear to ear and I thought yes, no problem, I'll do it".

In Sweden, Anna Book came second in Shall we dance too, and she also has a latino song written by Thomas G:son. Eurovision fans are talking about a big competition between you.
"Oh, I know laughs . I spoke to Thomas this week because I saw Anna last week. I joked to Thomas about how funny it would be if we both get to the Eurovision Song Contest. It would be fun".

Do you always watch the Eurovision Song Contest?
"Yes. I always watch it and I have them taped from many many years ago. My husband and Ihave always been fans. It's one of my dreams since I was a young girl to be in the contest. It's one of the reasons I picked this profession. You always watch and want to stand there on stage and be a part of it".

Do you have any Eurovision favourites?

"Oh my god, it's so difficult to pick one. I always loved the strong Italian entries, the heavy, emotional songs, but they never won of course laughs . I loved Johnny Logan, I worked with him in Norway actually. If you have a good singer with a good voice and a good song, it's enough to me, but I don't need a good show if there's a good song and voice".

Do you think it helps to have a gimmick, or can a good singer with a good song still win?
"Well, it did last year in Norway, Alvedansen was great. I think it's very strange that she didn't get a higher placing in Athens. And Lordi won, my god! I can't recall the song at all, so for me it was a little bit negative. It is a little more about the show now but still with a good song, if you touch people in Europe, it can win".

Can you compare MGP to anything else you've done?

"With this song? I could have done this song anywhere, in anything I've done before. This is exactly what I like to do, I've been doing this for so long, but never in something this big. The song contest is so big and there is such a focus on it. I've never had so much attention for just three minutes of work in my life. It's really exceptional to be in this contest".

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