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Two of the songs that got rejected in the Danish qualification heat have been given a second chance as they were awarded with the so-called wildcards. Added with the 8 songs directly qualified we now have a list of 10 songs competing to win the 2007 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and the honour of representing Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki.

Esctoday.com has taken a closer look at the 10 songs in order to tell what counts for and against each song winning:

Danni ElmoMeaning of life:
Why it will win: The pop/rock style, in this case a bit like Robbie Williams, is popular in Denmark and just like Robbie Danni isn’t “too nice”. He doesn’t dress in smart clothes and is surely himself all the way, he just enters the stage, sing his song and leave again. It is a big advantage that it doesn’t look like a set-up and Jacob Sveistrup won in 2005 in that way.
It is the kind of song everyone will like, the young as well as the older population can vote for this. Furthermore Danni came second in last year’s Danish final so the natural step is to win it this time.

Why it won’t win: In the qualification heat Danni clearly missed his guitar and sometimes this unfortunately gave the impression of a performance where he was a bit stiff and didn’t quite know what to do of himself.

Jacob AndersenListen to love:
Why it will win: British pop/rock a la Oasis has entered the Danish final and with a band in the background Jacob gives a 100% performance. With the new image DR is trying to give to the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix this song seems to be exactly what DR wants. Despite the fact that he only has a couple of years experience as a professional singer he has reached a lot due to the fact that he is a natural talent with a fantastic voice and an always-outstanding performance.
In the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix there is a tradition that the winner is a former participant in the DR talent show; Star for a night: this was the case with Malene (2002), Tomas Thordarson (2004) and Jacob Sveistrup (2005).

Why it won’t win: As the winner of the Danish final is always someone DR invented in their own talent show the population has accused DR of fraud and people might not vote for Jacob of the simple reason that they don’t want another Star for a night participant to represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest. Furthermore Jacob is the big favourite with the bookmakers who was totally wrong when they gave Annette Heick no chance of reaching the final. Why should they be right this time?

Annika AskmanFly:
Why it will win: Denmark’s new rock mama sings a pop song with a bit of rock elements, but it is kept at a level where it doesn’t scare those away who thinks that rock doesn’t belong in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. It is a catchy song that can easily become a radio hit.

Why it won’t win: Before the first qualification heat only very few people had heard of her and with so many well-known names in the Danish final this might be a disadvantage. The song might be stuck in the middle as the ones voting for pop will not chose this because of its rock elements and the ones voting for rock will go for Jacob Andersen or perhaps Danni Elmo.

Annette HeickCopenhagen Airport:
Why it will win: Denmark always gives high points to Sweden when they enter with this Schlager style, now we have our own and added a bit of disco this is the closest we get to being back in the 80’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix which so many fans loves. Furthermore it seems to be popular among fans abroad and as Denmark needs to qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest final some might think this will do it. Annette is practically born into the contest being the daughter of the Danish king of Eurovision, Keld Heick and her name has before been an advantage in show business so it might help her again. With so many songs in English her singing in Danish might be another advantage.

Why it won’t win: The Danish population might think that this is “too Swedish” and the fact that she even stole Carola’s dancers from 1991 will be seen as the prove. Annette is a controversial person, as sweet as she is, she has dived the population into two groups: Either you love her or you hate her, and unfortunately for her the last group seems to be quite big.

Me & MyTwo are stronger than one
Why it will win: It is an up-tempo song easy to remember. Danish medias have reported about how Me & my have been busy with an international career the past 10 years. Some might see this is a way to get a lot of extra points in the Eurovision Song Contest. People can sing along to this song and that is often what makes the difference.

Why it won’t win: The Danish population will realise that the band is only known in Andorra where they live and getting 4 points from Andorra wont give us a victory. Furthermore this is the kind of music which too many countries do similar – we wont stand out. It sounds like a mix of Alcazar and Vanilla Ninja and people might think it is too far from sounding like a Danish entry. Latest news is that one of the two sisters is suffering from a cold that might affect her voice tonight.

James SampsonSay you love me
Why it will win: It simply sounds like a winner the first time you hear it. It is catchy and you can sing along to it right away. James is a great performer and then he is been in the right TV show. In Denmark it is a big advantage have you been a part of DR’s talent show “Star for a night” before you participate in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Malene from 2002, Thomas Thordarson from 2004 and Jacob Sveistrup from 2005 are examples of that.

Why it won’t win: It sounds so much like a winner that people will think it is too much. Furthermore there doesn’t seem to be many surprises in the song; it might be too predictable. The population might deliberately not vote for him, as they don’t want more talents from DR’s own shows to win the Danish final.

Katrine FalkenbergIt’s a beautiful day
Why it will win: It is one of those nice songs that just make you feel good. It is simple and doesn’t pretend to be something it can’t live up to. This is rare and many people might fall for it.

Why it won’t win: Germany tried this last year and it didn’t work. Danish viewers might think that we either have to follow the rock trends in the Eurovision Song Contest or try with a clean ballad. This might be seen as being too nice. Furthermore people might think that copying Dolly Parton doesn’t work when you look as young and pretty as Katrine does.

Stig RossenSå nær som nu
Why it will win: Stig has a voice that stands out, it has brought him an international musical career and he might win the Danish final simply because this song will touch most people. When he starts to sing it is impossible not to listen closely.

Why it won’t win: Ballads and Eurovision is a risk and people will think that after Lordi’s victory this song wont have chances. Furthermore Danish fans have been complaining about the lyrics being too simple.

Jørgen OlsenVi elsker bare danske piger

Why it will win: The song is quite catchy and easy to sing along to; you actually do remember it after 3 minutes and isn’t that what it is all about? This song could do well as a karaoke hit. Furthermore most people from the age of 30 and up have so many great memories which includes Jørgen Olsen and his brother – the thought of Jørgen being kicked out of a Danish final somehow doesn’t seem right to many people. Jørgen does have a big name when it comes to Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and some will vote for it because of him. Rumours say that the conversation in the middle might be changed – in that case the song will be a lot better.

Why it won’t win: The song starts out quite ok, but seems to die half way through and the conversation between him and a band member simply kills the song; many will be quite annoyed at this. Most people still remember Fly on the wings of love and they have too high expectations due to that. In a comparison this song doesn’t stand a chance and it will disappoint.

DQDrama queen
Why it will win: It is a catchy song building up to a big party. It is a song people that automatically will get people to dance and sing along. It is popular to do karaoke of the Melodi Grand Prix songs and this is perfect for it. Furthermore the gay society in Denmark has been doing a big campaign in order for this song to win… Who knows if it might be enough?

Why it won’t win: Denmark might not be ready for drags in the national final which is still seen as a nice TV show for the whole family. The song might also be seen as being too much of a Swedish Schlager song.

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