Third time lucky for Jimmy Jansson?

by Peter Hellström 64 views

Jimmy Jansson, 21 years old, participates in Melodifestivalen for the third time with the song �Amanda�. got a chance to speak with him about his song and Melodifestivalen. Jimmy explains to that he won�t go on stage if his girlfriend is about to give birth to their first child.

What do you think about the different music styles in the contest?

– I like that SVT lets different kind of music participate in the contest. It allows a lot of people to have a favourite song. It also gives many different kind of artists the chance to perform in front of 3 million viewers.

Do you think that Melodifestivalen has grown too big?

– No, it�s not too big. But it is very difficult for Swedish artists to release any material if it�s not launched in Melodifestivalen. It is close to impossible nowadays since all media focus is on Melodifestivalen for so many weeks � and not only in February and March. There is a great chance that a lot of good songs dissappears without getting the chance to be played.

The first time you took part in Melodifestivalen you where a part of a group. Now you are solo again. What�s the biggest difference?

– I don�t have to share the attention with anyone, which is nice. Just kidding! I liked to perform with The Poets, but being a solo artist appeals to me more. However, I don�t think that I have changed that much during these years. I am more or less the same person and artist.

Which is your favourite song from Melodifestivalen?

– It is Carola�s �Fångad av en stormvind� from 1991. Another great song is �Johnny the rocker� with Magnus Uggla!

How would you like to describe your song �Amanda�?

– It�s a great uptempo popsong. It�s like a mix of Håkan Hellström and my previous songs in Melodifestivalen.

This year you are not just an artist. You are also a song writer!

– Yes, this time I feel that it�s really my own song! Actually that makes the contest so much more fun. Succeeding with �Amanda� would make me proud and happy.

Is it true that you have tried to get �Amanda� in the contest earlier?

– Yes, we entered it already 2003, but it wasn�t accepted. Since then we have entered it every year without getting it into the contest. I guess it has taken some time for the contest to get ready for the song.

Jimmy, your girlfriend is about to deliver a baby any time now. Does that affect your performance on stage?

– Well, if we could change the date of all this we would definitely do that. But Sandra has her parents with her at the hotel here in Göteborg and she fully supports my participation in the contest. I am able to focus 100% on Melodifestivalen, but I am but I am not going up on stage if it means that I won�t be there with Sandra when she is giving birth to our baby.

Good luck in the contest � and with the baby!

– Thanks!

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