Marie N : She bangs

by Aija Medinika 125 views

Fuss about another ESC winner song is on again. Ricky Martin's attorneys are about to sue Marie N because her song “I Wanna'' is too much like Martin's song “She Bangs”.

There was a doubt about the song's ''I Wanna'' originality before the Latvian song contest, but it was solved. Now it is on again.

Marie N's producer Arvids Murnieks says that, “people who have even the slightest understanding about the sheet music, know that Marie's song is original.That kind of information is probably distributed by so called publishers. Taking ideas is not plagiarism. Mixing those two songs they seem to be very much alike. Songs in latino style are similar.”

Arvids Babris, the producer of ESC, recons it as a provacation. He assures that it is just an agiotage and Latvia can calm dowm because ESC 2003 will be in good fix.

Listening to “I Wanna”, “She Bangs” and even Lou Bega's “Mambo No. 5” it is possible to find them being similar, for instance, like sisters, but they are not twins.

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