Sweden: SVT presents the Melodifestivalen stage

by Gabriel Vivas 226 views

Sveriges Television presented the sketch of this year’s Melodifestivalen stage featuring more lights, mobile panels and a futuristic and floating design.

With the first semi-final around the corner the SVT has now presented the sketch and technical details of this year stage which will feature more lighting effects, colour, mobile pieces and LED floating modules to enhance the performances.

Viktor Brattström, production designer in charge of this and recent Melodifestivalen editions and behind last year Eurovision stage, describes the scenery a floating futuristic scene plate.  A big difference from last year’s scene is the way we can bring more color and lighting effects in the surrounding scene environment, he says. Another difference is that the movable decorative LED modules represent and which also allows access to the dynamics and changes in scene image.

The Green Room, where acts await for the outcome after their performance, was also moved to the edge of the arena instead of being at the back.

Once the Melodifestivalen reaches the Friends Arena, the stage will be expanded for the gran final. The final stage of Friends will get a little injection of stage effects to match the big arena room. Among other things, it will be broadened a bit, says Brattström.

Sweden will choose the entrant for Copenhagen on 8 March and will take part in the first half of the first semi-final on 6 May.

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