Afro-Dite try to conquer Europe…again

by Daniel Ringby 140 views

Swedish Afro-Dite did not finish within the Top Five this year, but they will still try to conquer a continent. They do have international potentials, is the opinion at their record company.

Afro-Dite were predicted to win this year, but finished at eighth position. Nonetheless, the girls' record company Mariann Records – owned by Bert Karlsson, whom ESCTODAY has earlier reported to have scolded the voting system – has gone into collaboration with Stockholm Records.

The managing director (US English: Vice President) of Stockholm Records, Ola Håkansson, is also the man behind Swedish popstars ABBA Teens/A* Teens. Håkansson's goal now is to – along with Bert Karlsson – make Afro-Dite conquer Europe.
“I think that Afro-Dite's song is really good, and even if they did not win, they may have made an impression”, Ola Håkansson says.

Johanna Bergström at Stockholm Records is working with the international launch of Afro-Dite, and she, too, sees potential in the girls. ” 'Never let it go' may very well end up being a hit in many countries”, she says.

A major PR offensive will soon be done against Europe's most important separate record markets, Spain and Germany, and Afro-Dite's album is scheduled for release at the end of June or beginning of July. If the girls succeed in Germany, the other German-speaking countries and East Europe will then come along, the plan is. “Maybe the girls can go on a European tour already this autumn”, she finishes.

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