Denmark: Preselection jury dissed Malene too

by Daniel Ringby 163 views

At the Danish preselection in February, the preselection jury, too, gave 'Tell me who you are' the lowest score as simply possible. Nonetheless, the jury are all baffled about the international result.

After Danish Malene Mortensen's bad placing this year, Danish musician Sascha Dupont could have cocksurely said, 'didn't I tell you?' She was member of the expert jury giving Malene's song the lowest score as possible at the national preselection. However, the Danish TV audience felt differently and gave Malene top score, making Malene the national winner.

“There were many silly misunderstanding after the national selection”, Sascha Dupont says. “Some people thought that I had something against both the song and Malene.” She swiftly adds that, “it was only the Danish lyrics that were bad.”

Sascha Dupont is also amazed by the bad results. “Malene sang in English at the contest, and the English lyrics were twenty times better than the Danish ones”.
Sascha Dupont feels that Malene's song was not the worst of them all, and the winning song, “resembles Ricky Martin's 'She bangs' very much.”

“Malene could really sing, and no one is going to take that away from her – although it is of course disappointing to finish last”.
Sascha Dupont will not hear anything of politics, accusations of cheating and other excuses because, “that only makes us bad losers”. About being relegated for 2003, Sascha Dupont calmly says, “so what? We'll simply be trying that too then.”

Denmark has been relegated thrice before. Once in 1994 because they finished second to last the year before, and a second time in 1996 because the Danish entry that year never made it around the international preselection jury.
The third time was in 1998 because of bad results in 1997.

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