France: France 3 reveals the 3 candidates

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France 3, the French national broadcaster has released the names of the 3 candidates who will be competing in the forthcoming 2014 French national selection.

Destan, Joana and Twin Twin have been selected by a special committee to compete in the 2014 French Eurovision national finals scheduled to be held in Paris on January 26. Each act will sing one song and battle for the golden ticket to Copenhagen.

A special committee composed of 14 people from France 3, France Bleau, the music industry and 1 Eurovision fan along with 1 television viewer have selected the 3 entries that will compete in the 2014 French national final. The jury members met up on Tuesday 26 November in order to evaluate all the potential bidding entries and selected the lucky 3 for the final. The jury selection consisted of 2 phases, during the first phase the jury shortlisted 5 entries and then during the second phase 3 entries were selected for the grand final. The same jury will share the 50% of the result during the national final.

The special jury consisted of the following

  • Proffesionals from the music industry
    • Laurent Bentata (General director of Stage Entertainment France)
    • Bruno Berberes (casting and artistic director)
    • Laura Cès (Singer and Comedian)
    • Mary De Vivo (Director at Réservoir)
    • Valérie Michelin (Manager)
    • Franck Saurat (Televsision and Entertainment producer).
  • France 3 partner for Eurovision: Dominique Bourron (Music delegate from France Bleu)
  • Eurovision fan: Farouk Vallette (OGAE fan club member).
  • Television viewer Morgane Buret, who won a competition organized by
  • Representatives of France Télévisions:
    • Thierry Langlois (Director France 3 Programmes)
    • Yann Chapellon (President and General Director of Distribution Dept. France Télévisions)
    • Marie Claire Mezerette (Director of Games and Entertaintainment Dept France 3)
    • Frédéric Valencak (Co director at Games and Entertainment Department at France 3, Head of Delegation for France at Eurovision Song Contest )
    • Olivier Daube (France Ô).

The 2014 French Eurovision final will be aired live on January 26 at 17:00 CET on the Chansons D’Aboard show which will be hosted by former Frech Eurovision representative Natasha St. Piere (France 2001). The 2014 French Eurovision entry and representative will be selected via 50/50 jury televoting deliberation.

French viewers will have the chance to vote for their favourite entry during 4 weeks. The public vote will count for 50% of the final deliberation. Voting will run from 26 January – 23 February. The winner will be revealed on 2 March by Natasha St. Piere on her show.

The 3 candidates will receive massive exposure as their songs will be aired constantly during the 4 weeks on France 3 and France Bleu. The French public will get the chance to get to know the 3 candidates and their respective entries.

TV & Radio collaboration

France Bleu, will be the radio station that will collaborate with France 3 for the 2014 French Eurovision project. The French radio station will be involved in the pre-selection of 3 potential entries and in January will be inviting its listeners to vote and choose the 2014 French Eurovision representative under the partnership with French broadcaster France 3. The 3 competing entries will feature on France Bleu’s radio show France blue music: magazine (Saturday and Sunday 14:00-16:00). Finally, a special device will be set up at the beginning of May during the week prior to the Eurovision Song Contest, and the grand final. This device will be backed up and relayed on the radio station’s official website and on its various social media networks.

Natasha St. Piere will also be the 2014 French commentator for the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen along with Cyril Feraud. She will be replacing Mireille Dumas. Natasha St. Piere represented France at the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhangen, achieving a 4th place. She will be back in Copenhagen after 14 years for Eurovision, but this time as a commentator.

Amandine Bourgeoius represented France at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest with L’enfer et moi. France debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1956 and was one of the founding members of the event. The country has won the contest 5 times (1958, 1960, 1962, 1969, 1977), whilst has hosted the event 3 times (1959 and 1961 in Cannes, 1978 in Paris)

Stay tuned to for more information on France and the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

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