Lithuania is depressed about the result

by Remi Kübar 50 views

In Lithuania the impressions about the contest are divided mostly in three parts. First of all, everybody seems to be pleased about the quality of organizing and how it finally looked like in the tv-set.

Secondly, people are quite unpleased with the results. Opinions are different. From critique towards the winner to the proudness that the victory stayed in the Baltics.

In the newspaper columns, it's said that the opinion of televoters and the audience doesn't match very much. Sergio from Belgium had a warm welcome in the hall, but televoters were much more calmer about him.

The hardest words are used against the singer, Aivaras. The specialists don't understand his costume concept. People are cursing him, the designers and everybody else.

Although there are also some people who show more compassion against Aivaras.

The singer himself couldn't believe his bad result for a long time. “I simply can't understand,” he said, but he will definiately understand what is expecting him in Lithuania. Aivaras said:” I'm not going to hide away. I'm going to answer all the questions open – minded.”

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