Hosts: We're not afraid of comments

by Remi Kübar 62 views

The hosts of ESC2002, Annely Peebo and Marko Matvere, think they will manage perfectly at Saturday night's final. “We're both actors and singers, so we're used to the stage as we perform several times a week,” said Annely.

There have been a few difficult areas for the hosts – Annely considers the voting complicated, but Marko's main concern is French. “It's a new thing for me,” he said. They are not afraid of comments and criticism from the journalists.

Being the hosts of ESC2002 hasn't changed their lives much, but a few changes have still occured. Annely has been very well promoted for her opera house Wiener Volksoper. “All the plays that I participate in are already sold out,” she said. For Marko the case is a little bit different – the ESC host has earned a new nickname from his colleagues and friends. “Now I'm called the Euroman!

Annely and Marko don't have a favourite host couple. “We want to be like we are and not copy somebody, Annely said.

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