France: Two Eurovision singers in one!

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The French singer Nayah will perform some of Céline Dion’s hits in France this weekend.

On 9 November Nayah, the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest representative for France will perform some of the most successful songs of the Canadian singer Céline Dion, who in turn won the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland. This show is one of the events that make up the Saison Culturelle Space Cathare 2013-2014, which takes place in Quillan, France. The audience of this recital will enjoy the charm of two Eurovision Song Contest artists in one performer.

Nayah started singing when she was 12. She took part in different singing competitions and in 1999 she was selected to represent France in the Eurovision Song Contest that year.

In 2000 she was cast to play the role of Céline Dion in the show Legends in concert at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas, United States.

In 2002 Nayah decided to bring her Céline Dion show to France and the rest of Europe, singing some of the greatest hits of the Canadian star; Ne partez pas sans moi is among them. The costumes she wears on scene are inspired by some of those of Céline Dion’s.

Nayah performed the song Je veux donner ma voix for France in the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest in Jerusalem, Israel.

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