True fantasy: What we can expect

by Marcus Klier 75 views

escfinland.eu have published more information regarding the official theme of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest True fantasy which was revealed yesterday during a press conference. According to YLE, the motto has been selected to be a base where designers can go on to create new and unprecedented ideas. Finland and the esscence of Finnishness shall be included with all its contradictions – just like the seemingly impossible dream of winning the competition after 40 years of participation.

Event Manager Kjell Ekholm, also a member of EBU's Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group, justified the decision to employ young talent to produce the visual side of the contest and the set design to YLE’s Eurovision Radio: 'Finland is a leading country in so many areas just for that reason that we believe in the creativity of young people'. The theme and set designs were put on tender with several agencies, whittled down top a shortlist of best proposals of which finally two groups emerged victorious.

The assignment to design the theme was given to a three-man design agency Dog Design. The trio have worked together since 1994 and aresaid to a wide range of graphic design, illustrations and art direction services from concept to completion. The group members, Ilona Ilottu (born in1970), Petri Salmela (born in1971) and Eeva Sivula (born in 1967) will create the visual theme.

Eeva Sivula tells Ittahleti: 'We want to take Eurovision everywhere in Helsinki, even in surprising locations.' The agency will dress Helsinki up for Eurovision in a way that will be shared by TV viewers everywhere. Her colleague Ilona Ilottu explains, that they came up with the idea of a kaleidoscope in trying to find a way of transforming the true into fantasy. The style will be kaleidoscopic plain patterns combined with modern minimalist design. Ilottu describes the visual style as functional, beautiful and minimalist.

A young group of four from the University of Arts and Design in Helsinki were selected as set designers. Kristian Schmidt (born in1978), Jenni Viitanen (born in1981), Samuli Laine (born in1983) and Kalle Ahonen (born in1981) promise to design a set based on Finnish mythology of Kalevala and how the hero Väinämöinen caused his rivals to sink in a swamp with his singing. 'We aim to combine Finnish nature and design with modern technology', Kristian Schmidt summarises the foursome’s work.

Also more precise details of the visual theme were promised for January or February, when also the hosts of the show will hopefully have been selected.

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