Sweden accused of plagiarism

by Daniel Ringby 224 views

Less than 35 hours to the ESC – and Sweden is now accused of plagiarism. 'Never let it go' is claimed to be a copy of 'Never on a Sunday'.

Late last night the EBU administration board were thus summoned to an extraordinary crisis meeting.
»I can confirm that we have received an official protest against Sweden and their entry« , says Svante Stockselius, member of the board.

Another participating country – which Svante Stockselius cannot name due to professional secrecy – recently handed in an official protest against Sweden, which at the worst can imply a relegation of the Swedish entry.

»According to the subpoena, the Swedish entry is a plagiarism of 'Never on a Sunday'« , Svante Stockselius continues. »It was composed by Manos Hadjidakis and performed by Greek female singer Melina Mercouri.« The song in question was also the theme song in a movie of that same name.

Svante Stockselius was the man who allowed Afro-Dite's song in the Swedish preselection. »I have explained to the EBU President, Ms Christine Marchal-Ortiz how we organised the Swedish pre-selection« , Svante Stockselius continues.
»We were very thorough. Each and every submitted song was checked in co-operation with Stim Swedish Composers and Lyricists' Association, authors comment to ensure that none of the songs were plagiarisms or had been performed earlier in public.«

Marcos Ubeda, composer and lyricist of the Swedish entry, is not worried. »This is typical for the ESC« , he says. »The songs that people think are going to win win are always under suspicion. But I'm perfectly calm, I know the truth.«

Svante Stockselius sums up: »After the meeting the board agreed not to proceed with the allegations against Sweden. Afro-Dite do therefore not risk being disqualified.«

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