Ukraine: Ruslana releases the official video of her mass game

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Ukraine: Ruslana releases the official video of her mass game

Ruslana, the Eurovision winner from Ukraine, has released the official video of her new mass show called Ogo Show. The new concept has been developed by herself and it’s a modern interpretation of Slavic mass folk traditions.

Ogo Show is the title of Ruslana’s new performance concept consisting of continuously interaction between the audience, the singer and her dancers, the audience playing a very important part in the performance. The producers of the show are Ruslana and her husband Oleksandr Ksenofontov while the co-producer is the former Ukrainian head of delegation for the Eurovision Song Contest, Pavlo Grytsak.

Last year, the All-Ukrainian tour dedicated to the EURO 2012 soccer championship was held in the eleven biggest cities of Ukraine and had great success. The singer went on and presented her new show internationally in New York, Philadelphia, Ankara and Moscow. The next performance will take place in Antwerp, Belgium on 11 August.

The loudness record of the mass show was 119 dB achieved in Kyiv. That’s louder than a wind aircraft tunnel, ten motorbikes or the roaring of lions. The OGO SHOW gathered more than 130,000 participants and 12,000 volunteers and it took about 40 hours of broadcasting on TV and online.

You can watch the official video of Ruslana’s Ogo Show below:


The new international album of the Ukrainian singer is set to be released this year under the title My Boo! (Together!). You can listen to the official teaser below:


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