Greek military outlook calls for peace (pics!)

by Remi Kübar 55 views

The second stage rehearsal and press conference is over for the Greek song.

When Michalis Rakintzis was asked why the outfits of Greek performers seemed so military while their song talks about love, he said:”We'd love to see all militaries say 'I love you' to eachother and we hope to see that one day.“. It earned him a round of applause.

Rakintzis was also complimented on the choreography of the performance, but laughed:”We're awful dancers. We could just do these few things. It's from the Greek army.” He would not reveal the entire meaning of their performance, but he promised everyone would understand it Saturday night.

Many people have remarked that S.A.G.A.P.O. was inspired by the '80s, but Rakintzis doesn't agree. “Now, every time we hear a song with a melody, it sounds like the '80s,” he remarked.

Rakintzis singing on stage (Photo by André Bandera – copyright Newsteam.net – all rights reserved)

Rakintzis with his stage team behind him (Photo by André Bandera – copyright Newsteam.net – all rights reserved)

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