Norway publishes the top ten of the jury votes

by Juha Repo 158 views

The Norwegian national broadcaster NRK has published the top ten jury votes on their Eurovision forum today.

They have not published the complete ranking of all the songs in the final, only the top ten and nothing from the semi-final.

The list was posted by the administrator of the NRK forum, with the title NRK Underholdning.

The presentation is a bit misleading, as they present the top ten with points 1 to 12, even if the votes 1 to 12 are only converted after the jury rankings are combined with the votes from the public.

But in any case, the top ten from the Norwegian jury went to the following:

  • Sweden 12
  • Netherlands 10
  • Malta 8
  • France 7
  • Greece 6
  • Belgium 5
  • Moldova 4
  • Italy 3
  • Romania 2
  • Denmark 1

The total combined Norwegian vote in the final was

  • Sweden 12 points
  • Malta 10 points
  • Netherlands 8 points
  • Denmark 7 points
  • Romania 6 points
  • Greece 5 points
  • Iceland 4 points
  • Belgium 3 points
  • Hungary 2 points
  • Ukraine 1 point

It would seem France did not get many public votes, whereas Iceland would have scored highly with the public to get that high in the combined votes.

The names of the jurors were also revealed as Suzanne Sumbundu, Henning Solcang, Martine Maribel Furulund, Simone Eriskrud and Harald Sommerstad.

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