2nd day of rehearsals over

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Yesterday, the second day of rehearsals ended and below you can read the resumé of the three last performers – Slovenia, Latvia and LIthuania.

Slovenia – Sister Airlines, Not Austrian Airlines

The Slovene group “Sestre” entered the press conference in fully accessorized bright red stewardess outfits. “There are three big days in my life in one year – my birthday, Christmas and the Eurovision contest,” said Marlenna, thus explaining her relationship to ESC.

The entry of the group can be seen as the second attempt to promote some kind of tolerance at Eurovision.

Latvia – more national characther could be better for ESC

The Latvian performer, the charismatic and charming Marie N (Marija Naumova), suggested to the organizers of ESC to rearrange the contest to consider more national characther. “At the moment no one goes for something national,” she said. She adds that all the performers are presenting only hit songs.

She has always sung in Latvian, Russian and English, but has only made a record in French and plans to sing more in Spanish as well.One of her dreams is to sing with Sting, who also has records in several languages. Although Marie N is Russian, she doesn't emphasize her nationality. “When I'm in Latvia I don't feel like Russian and when I'm in Russia I don't feel like Latvian,” she said. Her promotional tours included both Eastern and Western European countries.

Lithuania – Eurovision is one part of a longer journey

The Lithuanian singer and songwriter Aivaras admits that getting into Eurovision after the winner of the national final was disqualified led to a period of uncertainity while the process of discussing the appeal against B'Avarija and reaching a final decision took place.

The first stage rehearsal was full of surprizes. Aivaras had not known about the possibilities of the configuration of the stage, and admitted he was overwhelmed. By the end of the rehearsal everything was, however, set.

Photos coming up soon!

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