DR: “ETV said there is not enough money”

by Sietse Bakker 235 views

The Danish press wrote about Tallinn 2002 this morning ! All the newspapers stated that the Estonian broadcaster ETV will inform the EBU next week about the fact that they won”t be able to organise the 47th Eurovision song Contest. Christian Nissen, leader of Danish broadcaster DR, reacted on this.

“Maybe the Eurovision Song Contest can be in Denmark next year again”, Nissen said. The Danish press wrote that the Estonian broadcaster will inform the European Broadcasting Union about the problems next week. The amount of money from the Estonian governement is lower than expected and the governement doesn”t seems to be willing to pay more. “To say that the contest won”t go on if we don”t pay more, is just a possible excuse to get more money”, a governement spokesman said.

The director general of ETV, Aare Urm, told ESCOL, “The rumours around the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest are definitely not true. There is a alot of competition within the relatively small broadcasting market within Estonia when it comes to funding and this is probably why people have been able to pick up on the rumours. The Estonian government will make the final decision public on May 29”.

The Maltese broadcaster is interested to organise the contest next year if Estonia can”t. Also the Dutch broadcaster NOS is interested in the organisation. DR is short about it: “We won”t offer our help, we just wait till they ask us”. ETV has got the time until May 29 to confirm organisation.

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