Sahlene: “I'd like to be in top 7”

by Sietse Bakker 83 views

Sahlene, the Estonian participant who's originally Swedish, performed good during the first rehearsals. Sahlene was the first participant today with the backing from a band.

In the pressconference she told a story about her becoming a singer for a Estonian song, which most of the fans know already. She said that she rehearsed the song on the plane. She was joking and making the sound how would the tape recorder sound like after rehearsing in the airplane.

Finnish reporters asked if she would win this year, would she sing for Finland next year. Sahlene smiled as she usually does and said that if the song is a killer then she'd think about it. She added that her thoughts are in Estonia at the moment and will remain here for some time.

Her future in Estonia seems to be secure. She has lots of fans and a base in here. “Why move that? It's good to work on what you've already got” she said.

The issue of Israel was taken up by the journalists. Sahlene said that Israel shouldn't be excluded of the contest because of the situation in there at the moment. The song contest is not a place for political issues. The audience applauded on that heavily.

Sahlene has plans to promote herself in other countries as well. Tomorrow she will leave to Finland for a short time and has plans to make a tour in Europe in summer.

The place she gets is pretty important for her. She likes to be in top 7, otherwise it would be a failure for her. Anyway, she wants to make a good performance and give the best she can.

Her past was also discussed. She played a oboe then she was a little girl, but at the moment she would rather be an Eurovision star than oboe player.

Sahlene was flattered then she heard that Terry Wogan said that she is the winner. But she is not thinking that she definately has to win. “That's not good for performance“, she said.

Sahlene didn't want to reveal her personal favourites but after a while she admitted that UK and France are the ones, but she don't think they have a chance.

She addmitted that maybe she is brainwashed but she thinks that Sweden has pretty good chances, also Russia and she gave credit to Latvian song. The performer Marija Naumova is very professional by the words of Sahlene.

In the end of the conference she performed Runaway a cappella with her new backsingers and got a stormy applause.

Sahlene performing on stage Photo: André Bandera (Copyright Newsteam.net)

Sahlene posing especially for all ESCTODAY visitors ! Photo: André Bandera (Copyright Newsteam.net)

There she is again ! Photo: André Bandera (Copyright Newsteam.net)

Can we still handle this beauty ?! Photo: André Bandera (Copyright Newsteam.net)

Good luck Sahlene, this week ! Photo: André Bandera (Copyright Newsteam.net)

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