Dissatisfaction about drinking policy EuroClub

by Sietse Bakker 38 views

A group of journalists and fans expressed their dissatisfaction with the drinking policy of the EuroClub, the official party venue of this year's Eurovision Song Contest located at cultural exhibition centre Technopolis. Several 'party animals' already complained about the so-called token-system that's being used.

The 'system' works like this; Everyone who enters the EuroClub, receives one token, which can be used at the bar to order a drink. Apart from a hand full of lucky ones, most visitors don't get more than one token every day. As it is not possible to buy drinks, this often means that EuroClub visitors have to deal with one drink for the entire night. Yesterday, the organisers even ran out of token, while dress rehearsal attendees were still getting in. A bar accross the street was found quickly!

"This is rediculous", a EuroClub visitor said. A group of people joins him; "We'd be more than willing to pay for our drinks, but apparently they are not allowed to sell alcohol", a frequent EuroClub visitor adds. "After the semifinal, fans from 13 non-qualified countries want to have some fun here, which is hardly possible with only one drink for the entire night". Some research learned that non-alcoholic drinks have to be purchased with a token as well, with the exception of water.

A EuroClub employee told that the Technopolis venue didn't get its license to sell alcohol in time and that this is the only way to serve alcoholic beverages. Nevertheless, it has to be said that quite some people enjoy the party without alcoholic drinks as well and that so far, the atmosphere has been excellent apart from this uncomfortable issue.

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