Rosa: Press conference out of hands

by Sietse Bakker 56 views

Greece, Austria and Spain did their first rehearsals in Tallinn. All went very weel, although the Spanish participant Rosa was a little insecure.

Rosa, named a possible winner and very popular in her own country, did a good performance, although she seemed to be nervous. With still 5 days to go this might be solved before Saturday.

In the meantime it appeared that the stage changes for every song. It takes only 1 minute to change the stage for the next performer. At the pictures you can see the difference.

In the pressconference she was asked, what was the hardest thing during the last year. Rosa said that losing weight was the hardest thing. She really learned how to look after herself.

All the Rosas singers were asked what experience they got with OT. Only supreme words were used. Amazing, incredible, affection, the best singer in the world, opening of the dream, school for life.

The language was really a problem. As Rosa couldn't speak any she had to be translated (She said I don't no speak English and got an applause.) and sometimes it went out of hands. At the beginning of the conference it also took some time to get the photographers and cameramen a bit more far from the interviewing desk.

To the question if there might be a english version of the song Rosa asked how can they fit it to the music, but afterwoods said that she'd love to do that it english.

In general, questions didn't stop and finally she SANG the song which got a massive applause and cheers. Rosa is really a star in Tallinn.

Rosa performing Photo: André Bandera (Copyright Newsteam.net)

Rosa performing with the others Photo: André Bandera (Copyright Newsteam.net)

The whole Spanish team with Rosa in the middle Photo: André Bandera (Copyright Newsteam.net)

Rosa speaking to the journalists, but no in English… Photo: André Bandera (Copyright Newsteam.net)

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