Slovenia finishes rehearsal and conference

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The third song to be rehearsed today was the Slovenian entry “Mr Nobody” sung by An�ej De�an. Set against a largely blue background, An�ej is accompanied by three female backing singers/also dancers plus two additional female dancers. The wind machine, so long associated with Carola from Sweden makes its appearance, although this is more for the effect on the girls, rather than on An�ej himself! In the rehearsal he was wearing a white jacket, and his hair colour is dark. The song is well choregraphed, without resorting to any additional props or gimmicks.

Shortly after the rehearsal, the Slovenian delegation faced their first press conference. After the introductions by the Head of delegation of the artists and composers, it was down to the questions from the floor.

One word to sum up your song? "Energy" Intentionally quoting the title of the Slovenian song of 2001, which also happened to be composed by the same songwriters of "Mr nobody". He then added that is is a "huge challenge for me!"

What do you expect? "As a big fan of the contest, I wish to make the final and hope to accomplish it".

Have you recorded "Mr nobody" in any other languages, in addition to Slovenian and English? "I have sung it in Serbian for their selection contest. I have also sung other songs in French and Spanish'. He then went onto prove this by singing a quick burst of the 1988 winnng song "Ne partez pas sans moi".

Where was the video filmed? "It was filmed in Slovenia and in a studio, plus some of it was filmed in an old factory in Ljubljana.

What do you think about the contest and the competition? "Sweden, Russia and Macedonia would be my own personal pick, but who knows what will happen?"

Are you satisfied with the rehearsal, the organisation, and as Slovenia hasn't made the finals in recent years, in part due to the former Yugoslavian countries voting each other and not Slovenia, did he have any comments to make? "Yes" was the simple and quick answer to the first part of the question, "I like Athens, and pleased with the performance and the organisation, and as to the voting? I have no idea, I hope our luck will change and try to do our best, and hope for support both within and outside".

You have been seen before performing as a soloist. Did it ever occur to you to perform this song "Mr Nobody" alone? "No, not on this song"

The next question was directed at the Head of Delegation.

There was some doubts expressed about the originality of this song and plagiarism, and compared to a song by an Austrian artist. What steps had been taken to ensure the originality of this song? "All composers who entered the national final were required to submit written statements as to the originality of the song. I had also heard the rumours and brought in an expert for an opinion, and the conclusion was that this song is original. In addition any accusations of plagiarism have to be settled out of court, and I have to say that no such claims were made by any other copyright holders".

There then followed a request for An�ej to sing the song in the original Slovenian version as "Plan B". Accompanied by his three female backing singers he duly obliged the audience.

How did you feel about only gaining fifth place in the public vote in the national final? "That was better than I expected! I was popular with both the jury and the public, and I am proud to be representing my country".

Are you planning on an album in the future? "We have an album waiting to be released, depending on the result that we achieve" was the answer given by the composer, although the Head of Delegation jokingly translated this as "When he wins the contest!"

The press conference ended with the traditional photo opportunity. An�ej De�an and his team return to the stage on Saturday morning for their second rehearsal. and press conference.

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