Moldovan winners withdraw from new final

by Sietse Bakker 32 views

The three songs and participants that tied for first place at the Moldovan national final will not be in the running to represent Moldova at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. wrote that, based on a statement from broadcaster TRM.

When three songs tied at the recent Moldovan national final, it became unclear who was to go to Athens and sing in the final of the contest. The rules said the youngest jury member should decide, but that person did not feel comfortable with taking the decision, leaving Moldova without a clear winner to send to Athens.

The organising committee met to consider the situation, after much discussion, they opted to hold a new national final on 15th March. It was swiftly announced and entries will be accepted right up until 10:00 on the day before. Dorel Samoila of TRM explained; ” The new selection is open to everyone, however the three finalists that tied for first place in our recent selection have said they do not want to participate as they feel that staging a new selection is not correct.”

The voting procedure will be the same as the one used in the earlier show with the voting split between a jury and televoters. If there is again a tie and the youngest jury member cannot decide who should represent Moldova at the 51st Eurovision Song Contest, the winner will be the song that scores the most with televoters.

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