ETV announced details interval act

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´Fairy Tale in Music´ by the Estonian composer Raimond Valgre “will float by the accompaniment of violins above the Eurovision stage designed to be a modern fairy tale for two minutes and 15 seconds”, ETV wrote.

“This is a beautiful song and a love story, which will take the audience after the 12th song, during the interval-act, into another world for a while”, said Juhan Paadam, the executive producer of the contest. “Unfortunately, viewers from several countries will only see it the next day because there is a commercial break in many TV stations after the 12th song. In the next day�s repeat the commericial times will be shifted”.

Paadam recalled that at the moment when Peebo and Matvere were chosen as hosts, it was clear to him that the two-minute interval-act was theirs. “As Marko is a musical actor and Annely is a singer, I was absolutely convinced that we should make them sing”, stated Paadam.

Paadam recalls that the idea was there from the very beginning already but a real plans were made when Anneli Peebo arrived in Tallinn before the end of last year and they went for dinner in the an Estonian restaurant together. “It was a quiet evening, it was snowing and there was a young man in Balthazar playing 'Fairy Tale in Music' on a guitar”, Paadam said. “Annely looked at me and said that this was the song. It was clear at once that this song fits in with our concept – the modern fairy tale”.

You can listen to a remix (!) of the song here.

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