Journalists can watch rehearsals from their hotel

by Sietse Bakker 41 views

Journalists will be able to watch the rehearsals live from their hotel. In cooperation with Eesti Telefon these screens will be placed in 6 hotels.

�In collaboration with Eesti Telefon we decided that we will send the picture of the rehearsals to the six hotels where the journalists stay. This is something absolutely new”, Juhan Paadam said. Maybe he doesn't know, but this also happened in Oslo in 1996.

According to the EBU a problem was related to this innovation but the reference group found a solution to it. �The problem concerned the television rights. We cannot prevent that somebody might take photos from the screen. However, as this is such an innovative idea, the EBU gave its permission this time. After all they will take a picture from their monitor and put it in the newspaper anyway�, he said.

Most participants of the contest will stay in hotel Olümpia in Tallinn.

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