Betting offices: high chances for Sahlene

by Jarmo Siim 150 views

In the most prestigous betting office in England, William Hill, the most bets have been made for Estonia. The second place belongs to Jessica Garlick who represents the UK with 'Come back'.

The Estonian ESC-guru Olavi Pihlamägi told SL Õhtuleht that the UK's performing place isn't very good. “Nobody has ever won when performing at the second place,” he told,“but the ESC has been won 4 times by a song that performed at the eight place.”

He also thinks that if Estonia would win again it wouldn't be a problem because the team has been trained and have done their work pretty good until this time.

The betting office predicts that the third place goes to Sweden's trio Afro-dite and the fourth place goes to Sergio from Belgium.

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