Andrius promises a surprise performance in Malmö

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And our next stop on the interview tour is Lithuania. Andrius Pojavis will present his song Something as song number 10 in the first semi-final in Malmö on 14 May.

What are you most looking forward to about the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö?

First of all to sing my song in the best way I can, then to have fun and to enjoy the Contest.

You were considered a surprise winner in the Lithuanian final – how did you feel when you were announced as the Lithuanian entrant?

I was surprised too but really happy to have this opportunity to present my country and to show my music.

You wrote the song, as well as performing it – is the song about anyone in particular?

To be honest it was written for Eurovision, thinking about the people, love and life.

Are you planning on bringing any special staging or costumes to your performance, or are you going to keep it simple?

Simple but can be very special too. The performance will be a surprise. You will see in Malmö! (winks)

Was it an easy to decision to sing in English, not Lithuanian? Do you normally write in English?

It was a good challenge to write in English, usually I write in Lithuanian, and after this song I started to write the new songs in both languages.

What are your musical influences?

Hm… a good question. I’m listening a lot of different kind of music and I like different artists. But my favourites for sure are Francesco De Gregori, Leonard Cohen, Boris Grebenshchikov. I’m interested more in the songwriters.

Do you think Something is representative of the current Lithuanian music scene?

I think that if this song was the winner in the Lithuanian selection, it means that it is current and representative.

When you aren’t writing and performing Eurovision entries, what do you do in your spare time?

For me the music is not only a job, but part of my life, and my passion, so there is not so much time without it. But if I’m not in it I’m just trying to rest. The best way to recover for me is just to have a walk.

Do you normally watch the contest (when you are not competing in it of course) – do you have a favourite Eurovision moment?

In Lithuania everybody is following this contest. Euphoria was really a catchy song, and I really like the Lithuanian entry “We are the winners “ back in 2006, but the song that I remember most is “Fly on the wings of love” by Olsen Brothers.

The Eurovision Song Contest gives you the opportunity to reach an audience of millions throughout all of Europe – what message would you most like to bring to them from Lithuania?

I have to tell you something, it is been on my mind so long… one day we will meet in Vilnius! (big smile)

The esctoday.com team wants to thank Andrius for taking the time to answer our questions and wih him the best of luck in Malmö!

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