2013 Eurovision interviews: Natalia Kelly from Austria

by Eleanor Cooper 288 views

In our series of interviews with the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest acts we now arrive in Austria. 

Natalia Kelly kindly answered esctoday.com’s questions:

How does it feel to be representing Austria at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?

To be part of the oldest and the biggest Music Competition in the world is an honor. The Eurovision Song Contest is a huge opportunity to meet new people, gain experience and develop yourself not only as a musician but also as a person. Each artist offers the audience and the jury his/her personal music and presentation. To be able to sing for millions of viewers and to embrace the live audience of thousands of people is the most exhilarating feeling one can have!

Can you tell us more about your song Shine?

This song means a lot to me! It’s my first released single and I’m co-writer, and of course I am very proud of it! I also think that people can identify with this song because we all have our ups and downs in life!

It’s about believing in yourself and finding the courage to get back up when you fall.

Have you heard any other Eurovision entries this year? Which ones are your personal favourites and why?

Yes I did! I like Denmark’s, Norway’s, Germany’s, Ireland’s, Russia’s and Slovenia’s songs but I just mentioned a few because there are so many great entries this year and they have really catchy tunes 🙂

What should we expect from your performance in Malmö?

I’m a simple person! I like simplicity but perhaps we will add an extra Shine to it! J For the show my goal is to give the performance of my life filled with energy and to get as far as possible into the finals and to enjoy every second of this wonderful opportunity and simply “SHINE”!

What will be you be doing in terms of promoting your song in the coming weeks?

Well, we are planning a little promotion tour around some European countries, but I don’t know yet how many will be.  I would like to visit as many countries as  possible so I could share my song Shine with everyone and Spain would be one of them! 😀

How do you usually prepare for going up on stage?

I don’t have a fix ritual. I‘m normally positively excited to go on stage and perform that I just concentrate in getting there. Sure, I do voice warm ups, make sure that the microphone is in order, my clothing is in order etc….   I just want to have fun doing what I love the most:  my music!!

As you are originally from the USA, can you tell us about what kind of audience the contest has in America?

I think they are just like here: People that are interested in Music and in  show!

Who would you say were your musical influences?

I have some influences: Celine Dion , Adele, Janis Joplin, Pink, Etta James, Billy Joel, Brian Adams..

Are you usually a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest? And what are your all-time favourite Eurovision entries?

Yes, and it’s a tradition at home especially with my mother and I. We watch almost every year!  Celine Dion – Ne partez pas sans moi (1988),  Aleksander Rybak – Fairytale (2009) and Loreen – Euphoria (2012)

If you could rule the world for a day, what would you do?

Definitely I’d see to it that animals and children are protected against abuse and the abusers, would be severely penalised!

Finally, do you have a message for readers of esctoday.com?

Hi Esctoday fans! I wish you all the best! Have fun with the show, enjoy the great music that’s going to be presented and when you watch the show and believe that the Austrian entry song is a good one, vote for me. Hugs from Austria 😀

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