Serbia: Introducing Beosong semi-finalists

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The Serbian entry for Malmö is going to be the winner of national music festival Beosong. The semi-final will take part on 2 March, and five acts from there with the most votes from the TV audience will perform in the final next evening on 3 March, battling for the ticket to Malmö.

171 songs arrived on the RTS ‘s public call, and a committee chose 15 of them for the semi-final. Running order draw has been done last week.

The YouTube and MySpace links below each act are to previous songs typical to them, the Beosong entries have not been made public yet.

1. Ljubav je svuda (Love is everywhere)Mirna Radulović, Nevena Božović i Sara Jovanović

Music and arrangement: Saša Milošević Mare

Lyrics: Marina Tucaković

They are three super finalists of the second season of Serbian music show Prvi glas Srbije. They’ll perform as a trio to win ticket to Malmö. Mirna Radulović (from the right) won the show. She plays violin for twelve years, and plays guitar also. She was between 45 best young singers in the international competition “Sylvester Levay International Musical Singing Competition”. Nevena Božović (in the middle) was the runner up in the show. She studies in the Faculty of musical arts in Belgrade. She is the only one of them who has Eurovision experience. She represented Serbia in Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Piši mi whtch she wrote herself and placed 3th in Rotterdam 2007. Sara Jovanović (from the left) is characterized with a great voice and magnificent behaviour on the stage. She lived in Rome where she was born, and since she return to Belgrade started her musical career and enters the final three best voices of Serbia in the show. This is the only time ,except the final episode of the show, when they ll sing it as a trio. After that, they will continue with their solo careers.


2. Moja svetlosti (My light) – Igor Terzija                            

Music and arrangement:Aleksandar Filipović

Lyrics: Rastko Savić

As a vocalist and musician for the first time he showed at music festival Budva in 2007 and radio festival feras in the same year. In 2001, he was the runner-up in the first season of music talent show Prvi glas Srbije. After that he get public award at Vrnjačka banja festival singing Ljubav je to.


3. Blagoslov (Blessing) – Maja Nikolić

Music and arrangement: Marc Paelinck

Lyrics: Maja Nikolić

She comes from a musical family and  sings since she was a child. So far participated in more than 100 festivals and won 25 prizes at the European and international festivals. She sang at Golden satellites, American film festival in Hollywood, an event that is part of the Golden Globe, in 2004. When she won the Golden satellite for the song from the movie About a boy, singing the song Something to talk about. She had lived in America for eight years singing in the famous jazz clubs and the China club in New York in the Diana Ross manifestation with her on stage plazed in the Saturday night live show which is in the mainstream of the audience in the past 30 years. She became popular in Serbia with her first appearence in the Mesam festival in 1994, singing the ballad Odlazi, which is still a hit in the country. After that, until now she has recorded around 200 songs.


4. Usne kadifa (Kadife lips) – Kal

Music and arrangement:Dragan Ristić

Lyrics: Dušica Milanović Marika

The urban Roma band Kal which journalist of the UK Times described as probably the best Roma band east of Paris. They performed at festivals such as Roskilde in Denmark, Fuzion Festival in Berlin, Pepsi Sziget Festival in Budapest and the EXIT. Kal album was produced by Mike Nielsen, known for his collaborations with the greatest world music bands such attractions as Underworld, SnowPatrol, The Cure, Jamiroquai.

Vanja Prokopljević will perform with them at Beosong.


5.  Ruža od baruta (Rose of gunpowder) – Nenad Milosavljević

Music and arrangement: Nenad Milosavljević

Lyrics: Vladimir Dulović, Nenad Milosavljević

The singer, lip accordion, acoustic guitarist, known as the front man of Serbian group Galija from the city of Niš. He started discovering his many music talents since he was in secondary school. After that he discovers his second love, theatre. He has not one day of musical education, but he is one of the renowned musicians with his 30 years work with his group. He composed music on the lyrics of the popular Serbian poet.  Beside his music career he composed for theatre in his city  in 2002. He composed music for the movie Zona Zamfirova, one of the most popular Serbian movies in the past several decades. He also composed, arranged and produced the album “Nečujna zvona (Sillent bells)”, traditional Serbian music of Kosovo and Metohy.


6. Duga u tvojim očima (Rainbow in your eyes) Saška Janković

Music and lyrics: Slobodan Boban Petrović

Arrangement: Slobodan Boban Petrović and Studio ”3000”

Saška is someone who also has Eurovision experience. As back vocalist she participated twice: in 2010 with Milan StankovićOvo je Balkan, and 2011 with Nina – Čaroban. She won the best debut award at Beovizija 2009, singing Nauči me. Also, she entered many festivals in Serbia and Bulgaria too. She had the honor to sing the Serbian national anthem at opening and closing of „EYOF“ and „University games“ in 2009. She placed 8th in the final of music show Prvi glas Srbije, and her performance of One night only by Jennifer Hudson was commended by the singer herself on TwitterSaška also appears with pseudonym Miss Jukebox. Beside singing she is also composer and lyricist, and she collaborated with many musicians either in studios or live on concerts as back vocalist or guest star.


7. Što prolazim (What passes) – Dušan Zrnić

Music and lyrics: Ana Bojić Mrđen

Arrangement: Aleksandar Filipović

He started his career in the first Serbian edition of music show Idol and in the final placed 3rd. After that he competed at many festivals.

In 2008 he performed at Marco Polo festival and won it with Bomba. In the last four zears he is a member of Serbian group Blah blah band with which he has performed at most famous clubs in ex-Yugoslavian countries. He tried twice to represent Serbia at Eurovision Song Contest, in 2005 and 2009.


8. Anđeo s neba (Angel from heaven) – Maja Odžaklijevska

Music: Nikola Burovac

Lyrics: Sonja Buljan

Arrangement: Marko J Kon

With only two albums she is a singer who is popular since 30 years in Serbia and ex-Yugoslavia. She was born in Skopje in 1970. When she was called by composer Radoslav Grajić, she made success in the music scene and she appeared in movies too. All of her song are hits, and she won many festivals during her great career.


9. Spas (The salvation) – Dušan Svilar

Music and arrangement: Marko Đurašević Mahoni

Lyrics: Rasto Savić

Dušan Svilar is the winner of the Serbian longest running musical competition Zvezde Granda in 2007. He is from Subotica, where he finished high school and Secondary musical school too. Fist public apperance he had on the festival„ Ljubav i vino (Love and vine)“ in 2007 with the song composed by Kornelije Kovač.

After winning the show and releasing his first album, in 2008  he recorded a duet with the legend of Bosnian pop music Kemal Monteno and started series of concerts with him in ex-Yugoslavia. In 2010 he won the award from TV public at Grand festival singing „Dunavski testament (Danube testament)“ and after that published his second album „ Nisam ja dobrovoljni davalac suza (I m not out giving tears)“. In 2011. in Ohrid festival in FYR Macedonia he won the best lyrics award for the song „Da li te voli kao ja (Does he loves zou like I do)“ where he is the co-author. As a composer he competed at local festival in Subotica in 2012,where the singer who performed his song won the interpretation award. He is studying at the Faculty of musical arts in Belgrade.


10. Magija(The magic) – SKY’s

Music,arrangement and lyrics: Sky Wikluh

Ksenija Knežević, Dana Gasić Gavaja and Anđela Vujović are the SKY’s. Those three teenage girls are going in the same class of Secondary school for designing. All of them finished elementary music school. Their talent was recognized by Serbian composer and hip – hop artist Sky Wikluh who wrote for them the song Magija. They have had awards from music festivals for children and Dana was the semi finalist in the Serbia got talent show.


11.  Svetla pale se za nas(lights turn on for us)Ksenija Kočetova

Music and arrangement: Maksim Kočetov

Lyrics: Ksenija Kočetova and Toni Malbašić

Since she was a child then a student at Music academy in the capital of Ukraine – Kiev, she believed that with her music she can make the world better place. After acquiring education, thanks to the continuous and generous support of Olga Voichenko, she committed to funk, soul and jazz music. With her husband Maksim and daughter Katarina (who also sings and plays piano)  she has a small music workshop. Many of her projects has been succesfully released. She is currently working on her debut album which is going to be in English.

MySpace page 

12.  Halo(Hello) – Marija Mihajlović

Music and lyrics: Nikola Čuturilo

Arrangement: Boban Janković and Srđan Tanasković

First media appearance she had with Jazz orchestra of RTS in 1990  and since then she continues work with many jazz ensembles and musicians from the region. Since 1996  she is fully fledged member at Dejan Cukić i Spori ritam band. She collaborated with the most of Serbian pop musicians in studios singing back vocals. She also recorded many jingles for TV and radio stations. In theatre, she participated in the remake of musical Hair, in which with the others she sings The age of Aquarius. She did several music themes for childrens’ theatres.  In 1991  she won the award of jury and public at festival of all ex-Yugoslavian TV and radio stations in Maglaj. She also participated at festivals in Budva and Zrenjanin, and made half-hour live concert for RTS in 1996  promoting her album “Zvuk tišine (Sound of silence)”. She is jazz, pop and rock singer, vocal coach and specialized studio musician.


13.  Savršen kraj (The perfect end)  – Aleksandra Dabić

Music, arrangement and lyrics: Dobrivoje Marić Čarli

Aleksandra finished 3 years of music high school in piano, but she also plays the guitar. After that she graduated at the department of French language and literature at University of Belgrade. She entered many musical competitions, but the latest was last years music show Prvi glas Srbije where she placed 4th. After that she made her first single Fališ mi prokleto, and prepares several new.


14.  Za tebe živim ( I live for you) – Kristina Savić

Music: Vojkan Borisavljević

Lyrics: Vladan Savić

Arrangement: Uroš Ranković

She graduated at piano departement in the University of Novi Sad, and soon after that became part of Terazije theatre in Belgrade where she is employed in present as  soloist. Her debut album was published in 1999 and the second named Ostrvo snova (The island of dreams) in 2005. She collaborated with many Serbian musicians. During the past few years she has turned mostly work in Terazije Theatre, where he achieved significant solo roles, including the lead female role in the musical “Grk Zorba (Zorba the Greek)”, then in the play: “Pod sjajem zvezda (Under the stars shine)”, “Producenti (Producers)”, “Kako razumeti Srbe (How to understand the Serbs)” …


15.  Tren (A moment) – Žarko Stepanov

Music, arrangement and lyrics: Ivan Ilić

After he finished Secondary music school “Isidor Bajić” in Novi Sad, department of theoretical and bass he studied acting. He acted in plays, “Grease” (lead role), “Glavo luda(Head crazy)” (lead role), “Rebecca,” “Les Miserables,” “Spring Awakening,” “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, “The Little Death Trilogy” “Cinderella,” “Slovo na slovo (Letter to the letter)”, “Psovanje publike (Cursing the audience),” “Coriolanus” . . . On television he worked as the host of the show Naj od naj (The best of the most) and currently hosting the show Srećne vesti (Happy news) and morning show in one of the  Belgrade’s radio stations. More than 10 years he is playing bass in bands “Zorule” and “Ravnica (Roots)” from Novi Sad.


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