Croatia: English or Croatian ?

by Sietse Bakker 53 views

The language in which Vesna Pisarovic will sing at the Eurovision Song Contset 2002 will be decided by TV viewers in Croatia.

Initially it was assumed that the song, 'Sasvim sigurna' (Completely sure) would be translated into English for the Eurovision final. But discussions that started in the days after Vesna won lead HRT to leave the final decision in the hands of the Croatian public.

A telephone vote has now started in Croatia and both HRT and the performer have agreed that they will agree the decision of the voters.

Of the 24 songs entered for the contest this year, it is known that 18 will be performed at least partly in English.

Vote for one of the languages? Call ++385 61 1601 to vote for the Croatian performance or ++385 61 1602 to vote for the English performance.(thanks to Darko)

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