The winners trophy

by Gordon Roxburgh 104 views

The organisers of this year's contest are planning to give a special prize to the country that wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 The trophy is made of pure gold and will also serve as a key that the winner will use to set off a magnificent fireworks show at the end of the show.

The prize is made in the image of an ancient Scythian decoration (the Scythians lived on the territory of what is now Southern Ukraine from 7th to 3rd century B.C.) and is made of pure gold weighing slightly less then 500 grams and in its structure is very close to the ancient formula of Scythian gold. It was designed by the jewellers of the Kyiv Jewelry Factory and, besides containing the elements of the Scythian decoration, also reminds us of the symbol of this year�s Eurovision Song Contest, a fern flower.

Such a unique prize, is designed as a spiral with a fern flower in the middle, and a Eurovision logo on it, symbolises a universe of music where the Eurovision Song Contest is the central planet surrounded by 39 additional orbiting planets, the participating countries. The initiator and the sponsor of the project is CFC Consulting Company.

The creators of the special prize believe that by providing it to this year's winning country they will show Ukrainian people's gratefulness for being the organisers of this year's 50th Eurovision Song Contest.

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