Winners press conference

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The ten successful acts from this evenings Eurovision Song Contest semifinal, held a joint press conference, just across the road from the Palats Sportu, shortly following the live transmission. caught up with the Latvian duo, Walters and Kazha as they left the hall for the conference. They were delighted and shocked at the same time,to qualify, especially as they were the last country to be called out.

There was only room for two representatives from each country to be on stage to answer the awaiting journalists questions. In a strictly controlled session, following the photographs, each delegation gave a short statement, then there was a limit of two questions for each country, before they all departed for the after show party.

Glam from Norway made the most dramatic entrance, (of course) and got most of the people onstage to join him in a quick burst of We will rock you

Generally each delegation wanted to thank the people throughout Europe for voting for them, and how proud they were to be representing their country in the final on Saturday. In the meantime we present a few soundbites, and just like the enveloppes…they are in no particular order!


We have come here to win..and be sure we will


Humbled to be here with such great singers, a great experience, look forward to celebrating tonight


I will celebrate with a glass of milk and Didn't think we would make it, this is for all rockers in Europe


Happy to be in final, as we were the ninth enveloppe, we were freaking out. At least one band from Estonia is in the final


Honoured to be in 50th edition of the contest, and to those who didn't make it, love to you


I sing from the heart. Thanks for letting me sing in English, so people can listen and understand it, and relate to it


Its hard with playback, we are used to playing live, we have to sing live and Thanks to Grandma


We won't be doing any gymnastics on stage and We hope you enjoy our song a lot


We had a back up plan in case stage wasn't set up on time, to give the team a hand

Former Yugoslavian Republic Of Macedonia

No promises for final. Maybe not the winner..but the runner up!

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