Cool Javine looks comfortable

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Javine came back to the stage today for the United Kingdom�s final rehearsal of Touch my fire before the full dress rehearsals for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest begin on Friday. Afterwards, she fielded more questions at the press conference, which this time concentrated on the event and her career!

The stage performance has improved a great deal over night. Javine looks more relaxed on stage now, having seemed a little overwhelmed by the scale of the Eurovision Song Contest yesterday. The sound between her and the backing vocalists has been corrected and the choreography and movement on stage is now working well. There was no sign of the costumes that will be worn on Saturday, as Javine and her dancers performed in street clothes.

During the press conference, Javine talked about her plans for the future, the reputation of the Eurovision Song Contest in the United Kingdom and her preparations for Saturday night.

The first question dealt with the Contest�s reputation in the United Kingdom, and what could be done to make it more credible. Javine thinks �The Eurovision Song Contest has jumped a couple of steps forward this year, young people are more aware of it and it�s getting cooler. The popularity of �Making Your Mind Up� (The preselection show) is also growing�.

Javine was asked about her collaboration with John Themis on the song and her second album. It was great working with John, he wrote the music and we did the lyrics together. When I go home, I have one day off, and then I go straight to the studio. I�ll be working with some great names. I don�t want to record an average R&B album this time, I want to stand out from the crowd�.

Javine then gave a rendition of her smash hit Surrender, before answering a question that asked who she would give �douze points� to if she was not competing. �Malta, Helena from Greece is good, and the guy from Cyprus�.

Javine said that she was not superstitious and the curse of 2nd place to sing from would not be a problem. �I�m trying to concentrate on the positives of singing second. I won from first to sing in �Making your mind up�, so I�ll have to win the public over again�

Asked if she was feeling the heat herself, Javine said There is a lot of pressure on me, yes. The United Kingdom have not won for eight years�We have a great act, great dancers and we�re going to do our best�.

Finally, Javine was asked how important chart success is to her, with the Single released yesterday back home. �It�s very important to me. For someone to go out and buy your single is so nice�.

Javine posed for a short photo shoot before moving on to conduct further interviews. She performs second in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 21st.

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