Chiara doesn't feel alone on stage

by Deo Grech 66 views

The Maltese singer, Chiara, just had her second and last technical rehearsal before she moves on to the dress rehearsals phase. Speaking to the various journalists and fans who packed the press conference hall she said, “today I got a very, very, very big feeling on stage….a feeling I cannot describe in words.

Chiara was wearing a long purple blouse and pink trousers with a pinkish bandana over her head. Once again she was wearing a silver pendant of the Maltese cross around her neck. The stage is the same as it was yesterday, dark setting with blue and white touches. White circles hanging around with starry effects from the inverted cones. The screens at stage level show a water effect while the screens at the higher level of the stage show a serene sky. We could also notice a big sphere at the back of the stage which comes in vision later on during the song. Light effects are kept to the minimum, very remindful of how the stage looked for the Cypriot performance in Istanbul, last year.

Once again the performance was a very confident one. She looked comfortable on stage. In between rehearsals, she was even waving and blowing kisses to the fans and journalists present in the concert hall.

Later Chiara moved on to the press conference hall. Seen that many performers have opted to use the maximum number of persons on stage for their performance, that is six, whilst Chiara is on her own, journalists asked her whether she is feeling alone on stage or not. Chiara replied, “I'm not feeling alone on stage. Not at all! Today I got this very, very, very big feeling and emotion on stage and it felt incredible. I felt that all Maltese public and all of you supporting me here, are on stage singing this song with me.

When asked why the Maltese delegation is always seen with big smiles on their faces, the Head of Delegation, Ms. Grace Borg, remarked, “ that's our secret – the sunshine which we bring with us from our lovely island, Malta.

Chiara mentioned Johnny Logan's Hold me now as her all time Eurovision Song Contest favourite song and Reflections from Disney's Mulan as her present favourite song. She even sang an a-cappella version of Reflections and her earliest success in Malta, Ismaghni ftit habib (Listen to my, my dear friend), which is dedicated to a belated friend who passed away because of drug abuse.

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