Pugachova and Kirkorov support Miss Agurbash

by roel 130 views

Arriving in her personal limousine and accompanied by an enormous promotional team, Belarusian representative Angelica Agurbash is trying her best to appear in the spotlights. Tonight, Miss Agurbash is giving a party in the centre of Kyiv, but people are mostly looking forward to the arrival of the Russian star Alla Pugachova, scheduled for tomorrow.

The Russian diva who represented Russia at the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Primadonna will be arriving in Kyiv tomorrow morning at 10:30. Alla Pugachova will be travelling by train and has her own personal and especially designed wagon.

Alla Pugachova and her husband Philip Kirkorov (Russia 1995 – Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana ), both good friends of Angelica, will be celebrating their eleventh wedding anniversary in Kyiv and wish Angelica a happy birthday.

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