FYR Macedonia press conference

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The first rehearsal of the entry from FYR Macedonia took place a short while ago, followed by the press conference. Martin Vucic sang Make my day, and is accompanied on stage by three female dancers and two male vocalists. Martin also has a 20 second solo spot on the presenters stage playing the drums. There was a general feeling amongst the fans present that there were similarities in presentation to last years Greek entry.

Press Conference

There was a brief introduction by the Head of Delegation, providing some brief information about Martin Vucic, and explained that it is just Martin for the purposes of the contest. He also went onto explain that as well as being an accomplished singer and drummer, he also “likes blond girls!” There was also a special mention to their Ukrainian brothers and sisters, and thanking them for the good job they are doing and to NTU.

His father Dragan Vucic is the composer of the song Make my day, while the lyricist Branka Kostic was not in Kyiv at the moment as she is getting married in the next few days.

There was a feeling that there was something missing from the rehearsal, was this correct? “You mean a surprise? Wait for the semifinal and see!” was the response from the Head of Delegation.

Was this music typical of his style, and which artists influenced him? He considers this song to be one of the best in his career, and he generally likes ballads. So far he has had two albums, and they include, pop, rock and even techno. His favourite artists are George Michael, Sting and Craig David. He also like to listen and watch Beyonce… and at the same time it was mentioned that he is addicted to Playstation 2!

One journalist addressing hm in Russian, commented on Eurovision songs that contained simple melodies with la,la,la, so how did this fit in with his song? It's important to have a catchy song, combined with great vocals and a powerful singer, was the reply, but most important is the quality of the song, and that it is quick and easy to understand.

His father, composer Dragan Vucic, has been working in Greece for about the past five years, so would Martin like to follow in his father's footsteps? He admitted that he hadn't made many contacts yet in Greece with fellow artists or management, however for the audience he performed some songs in both Greek and Turkish, scoring a 9.5 out of 10 from a Turkish fan, while the Greek was described as being “perfect”.

What did he think of the stage for this year's contest? “Wonderful. Really good organisation, after my first rehearsal I am very satisfied”.

The press conference finished with an accapello version of Make my day performed by Martin and his two male backing singers, before the photo session.

The next rehearsal of FYR Macedonia take splace on Sunday 15th May at 12.30 local time.

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