GreenJolly virtually meets George W. Bush

by Sietse Bakker 50 views

The Ukrainian representatives of this year's Eurovision Song Contest have visited Riga (Latvia) today. During this one-day visit, GreenJolly presented the international verson of their entry, Together we are

GreenJolly's day in Riga started at 8:00 with the live broadcasting of their interview for the breakfast show RITS.TV. With interviews for a youth programme and for the Russian breakfast programme the guys continued their promotion programme. Several internet media interviewed the Ukrainian Eurovision Song Contest representatives.

“We believe that every person should be active! Don't be indifferent! If you witness injustice – don't stand by! Don't think that environmental and human trafficking problems do not concern you! Don't be silent – protest! That is how we can make positive changes in our life. Be active and change your life for better. Do it together with us! That's what we sing about”, the singers said.

“We are very excited to bring our tour around Europe to Latvia as a symbol of the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine. Today we have brought our song to Riga, tomorrow Riga will bring the Latvian entry to Kyiv. Exchange of hospitality and common values is of a great importance to us”, Roman Kalyn of GreenJolly said.

While GreenJolly visited Riga, United States President George W. Bush also visited the capital of Latvia. “Unfortunately, we didn't meet face to face, but virtually on the newspaper columns and in various news reports on Latvian television and radoi”, was GreenJolly's statement.

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