Stockselius explains Ruslana's resignation

by Sietse Bakker 68 views

In an exclusive, short interview, Eurovision Song Contest supervisor Svante Stockselius said that Ruslana is indeed too busy to optimally prepare her role as host of this year's show.

“Although Ruslana will not feature as host, she will be an essential part of the show”, Stockselius said. Ruslana will open the show with her winning song Wild dances and will get a leading role in the interval act. “The preparations for her other activities take a lot of time and energy for her”, he added. “Ruslana is a great girl and a professional singer and I think it's great that she has the opportunity ánd the time now to show again what she's good at”.

If Ruslana will be replaced by another (female) host is unknown yet. NTU is looking into their possibilities and will most likely clarify things in the upcoming days.

The contest's supervisor is currently in Stockholm and will fly back to Kyiv tomorrow, is still enthusiastic about the preparations for the upcoming show; “The stage is almost ready, things are going full speed ahead and it will be a very green contest”, he commented.

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