Kyiv: The stage is taking shape

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With one week left to prepare the Palats Sportu for the first rehearsals, the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest stage is taking shape. The adventures of the Spectra Stage & Event Technologies crew can be followed daily on

As the picture on top of this article shows, the stage for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in the Palats Sportu is taking shape. Since yesterday, a large part of the stage construction is set up. More people have been joining the Spectra Stage & Event Technologies crew to pull the preparations back on time as the stage preparations are running behind schedule.

Meanwhile the lights in the trees surrounding the stage have been programmed. The Palats Sportu should be ready for the Eurovision Song Contest by Wednesday 11th May. The first rehearsals are scheduled for 12th May.

Eurovision Diary

Click here to follow the preparations in the Palats Sportu via

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