OGAE Poll update

by Benny Royston 151 views

With ten OGAE club polls now announced and more to follow, Hungary is proving the most popular entry at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, leading the way from Iceland in second place and Switzerland in third.
There are mixed fortunes for the two pre-contest favourites with the bookies, Greece are performing reasonably well in fifth place with 39 points, however Norway are currently in a lowly twenty-first place, having been placed in the top ten only by OGAE Sweden and Turkey.

The results have been put together using the famous Eurovision formula of 12 points for 1st place, 10 for 2nd, 8 for third, 7 for 4th and so on down to 1 point for 10th place.

Hungary has received the maximum 12 points from Israel, France, Netherlands, Portugal and Serbia, and has received points from all but one of the OGAE clubs, failing to score only in Ireland. Switzerland (third place overall) has scored points in all ten clubs. Iceland (2nd) and Romania (4th) failed to score only in Portugal.

Countries have not been awarded points from their own jury, because some OGAE polls allow voting for their own country and some do not. For this reason no '1 point' has been awarded from Israel, France or Finland. The OGAE clubs included so far are France, Finland, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Serbia & Montenegro, Sweden, Turkey and the united Kingdom.

Overall, these results give a good insight to how the final result of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest might finish, however nothing is certain and with the rehersals starting in just a week's time. Tension is starting to mount.

1 90 Hungary
2 79 Iceland
3 71 Switzerland
4 60 Romania
5 39 Greece
6 37 Croatia
7 33 Slovenia
8 28 Serbia & Montenegro
9 26 Israel
10 23 Denmark
11 19 Belarus
12 16 Finland
13 15 Bosnia & Herzegovina
14 14 Malta
15 12 United Kingdom
16 12 Netherlands
17 7 Germany
18 7 Sweden
19 7 Austria
20 6 Spain
21 6 Norway
22 5 France
23 5 Estonia
24 3 Latvia
25 2 Andorra
26 2 Lithuania
27 2 Monaco

As further OGAE results are announced, we will update this information and provide an updated OGAE poll.

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