Walters & Kazha on promotion tour

by Aija Medinika 49 views

Walters & Kazha, the winners of 2005 Latvian national final, are going to Slovenia and Croatia. They are the first Latvian Eurovision Song Contest representatives ever to visit those countries. At the semifinal on 19th May, Walters and Kazha will be using sign language in order to strengthen the message of their song.

On 1st May, the Eurovision Song Contest participants from Latvia Walters & Kazha will be guests at the Slovenian TV show Spet Doma, which starts at 20:00 local time.The guys will be singing their Eurovision Song Contest entry The war is not over, written by Martin Freiman.

On the next day, 2nd May, Walters and Kazha will be visiting Zagreb where they will be filmed for a TV show broadcast by Croatian TV on 3rd May. �We are thrilled about this possibility to visit such beautiful countries and to present our song to the audience with such a sophisticated taste!� Walters & Kazha say.

Their performance has undergone some changes. Walters & Kazha have decided that the message of their song – there is no winner, there is no looser in this game called life – is universal and should be comprehensible for everyone. That is why this message will be also shown by means of sign language. The guys performed the song using the sign language during the presentation of the CD of the group Putnu Balle (Chicken Run) and got an overall applause!

Walters & Kazha, the Latvian representatives at 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, will be performing their entry The war is not over in the semifinal on 19th May.

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