Malta: 'Angel' released on single

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Chiara has released the single of her Eurovision Song Contest entry Angel, today in Malta. The cd single contains two more tracks, one of them written by Marc and Dirk Paelinck, the composers of Xandee's 1 Life and Sergio's Sister, two recent Flemish Belgian Eurovision Song Contest entries.

This is the track list of Chiara's single Angel:

1. Angel – written by Chiara Siracusa
2. Another piece of my heart – written by Anders Dannvik
3. Don't wanna let me go – written by Marc and Dirk Paelinck

The single release was held this afternoon at Baystreet, St Julians, where press and fans gathered to see Chiara. The Maltese representative for Kyiv performed Angel and signed singles for her fans. The three major Maltese television channels were present to interview Chiara for programmes such as Teen Traffic and 50 Eurovision, both on Net TV.

Later on, Angel will be released outside Malta too. Chiara has signed a record deal whith record company BMG covering Germany, Switzerland and Austria. BMG will also take care of the launch of her album Here I am.

Chiara to Croatia, Belgium, the Netherlands and UK

Chiara will be leaving Malta again now to promote her Eurovision Song Contest entry abroad. The tour will be bringing her to Croatia, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Chiara will arrive in Zagreb on 26th April and make an appearance on Croatian television the day after. On 28th April Chiara will arrive in Brussels for television and radio appearances. By coach she will be travelling to the Netherlands as well.

On 30th May Chiara will be leaving Belgium for the United Kingdom. On 1st May Chiara and other Eurovision Song Contest participants have been invited in ITV's breakfast show. On third May, Chiara will be back in Malta.

Picture gallery

Click here to see pictures of Chiara's single release in Malta.

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