Andrej Danilko speaks out

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Banned from this year's Ukrainian Eurovision Song Contest selections with the song Europe, hop!, Andrej Danilko aka drag queen Verka Serduchka gives his opinion about the Ukrainian and Russian Eurovision Song Contest selections and about the preparation for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

Andrej Danilko still feels offended after having been refused to take part in the Ukrainian national selections. As his alter ego Verka Serduchka he subscribed with Europe, hop!, a song in his own particular merry style, with a good mood and without pretentions.

How can Verka Serduchka be on such a festival…” was the reaction Danilko received. “On what festival?” Danilko reacts. “God! What's wrong with that? You may fall asleep when watching the second song! It seems to me that Serduchka and her gang would have blended with the contest format well. It's only in our country they may say: God, what a level!

Although he didn't participate himself, Andrej Danilko has been following the Ukrainian national selections and the preparations for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. According to Danilko, both Greenjolly and the organising committee didn't deserve al the negative reactions. “It is not their fault. I'm on their side. Though I feel sorry for Karolina (Ani Lorak) as well. But that's how it happened. What can I say? I would like to wish them luck. In all it's time to stop talking and concentrate on the conducting of the contest, for it to be on a good level, for a country not to shame itself. I think everything will be ok.

After having been refused to take part in the Ukrainian selections, Danilko was about to participate in Russia instead, but in the end he refused himself to take part. “Why would I go there if everything had already been decided there?” is Danilko's explanation.

No Eurovision Song Contest participation for Andrej Danilko aka drag queen Verka Serduchka this year. Nevertheless he keeps all options open for next year.

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