Women organisation protests against 'Brujería'

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Spanish broadcaster TVE will not respond to the protest of the Spanish feminist organisation Red de Organizaciones Feministas. The latter are unhappy with the lyrics of the Spanish Eurovision Song Contest entry Brujería and call them 'in violation of the women's dignity'.

The Spanish feminist organisation Red de Organizaciones Feministas, which fights against violence based on sexuality, questions the lyrics of Brujería and claims that the words fieras (predators), obsesionadas (obsessed), dominadas (dominated) and sometidas (slavery alike) are not responding to the great variety of youth and women in the Spanish society today.

According to the feminist organisation the lyrics of Brujería are praising the dominant and subordinate behaviour towards women, which is also being expressed in the chorus of the song: “You control me with one look and your ropes aren't necessary to bind me. I'm a wild creature that will escape from jail because of love when they open the door of my jail.

Red de Organizaciones Feministas points out that TVE asked its journalists in 2002 to avoid all kinds of sterotypes and increase the female representation in the media by not pushing them into the role of the victim. Now three years later, a song abusing this statement will be heard all over Europe.

A spokesperson of TVE reacted that no single protest or petition has been received at the Spanish broadcaster itself. The protest will have no influence on the lyrics of the song to be performed by Son de Sol in the final of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest on 21st May in Kyiv.

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