Angelica Agurbash on tour till Eurovision

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Angelica Agurbash has left Belarus for a one month lasting promotional tour throughout Europe. Until the Eurovision Song Contest, the Belarusian representative will be promoting her song Love me tonight in 16 more countries.

Yesterday and the day before, Angelica Agurbash visited Cyprus. Until heading for Kyiv, she will constantly be visiting other countries in order to promote Love me tonight. Angelica's tour schedule looks as follows:

� 13th – 14th April: Israel
� 15th – 16th April: Malta
� 17th April: Andorra
� 18th – 19th April: Spain
� 20th April: Slovenia
� 21st April: Croatia
� 22nd April: FYR Macedonia
� 23rd – 25th April: Iceland
� 26th – 27th April: Norway
� 28th – 29th April: Finland
� 30th April – 1st May: The Netherlands
� 2nd May: Moldova
� 3rd – 4th May: Bulgaria
� 5th May: Romania
� 6th – 7th May: Turkey
� 8th – 10th May: Greece
� 11th May: Kyiv – Ukraine

Representing Belarus, Angelica Agurbash will perform Love me tonight in the semifinal of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest on 19th May in Kyiv.

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