Kyiv 2005: show production progresses well

by Sietse Bakker 124 views

Although problems with the venue, ticket sales and accommodation control the average discussion about the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, the production team of the semifinal and final is making good progression. But it's not only about problems, as most of the preparations are on schedule despite the delay during last year's presidential elections.

The extensive coverage of problematic situations with the Palats Sportu, chaotic ticket sales, increasing accommodation prices and the poor availability of reasonably priced hotel rooms particulary rule the media these days. The recent appointment of a dedicated Eurovision Song Contest press secretary shows that NTU is aware of the fact that international media are closely following their efforts.

However, apart from venue-, ticket sales- and accomodation problems, most aspects of the production are going as planned. Spectra+ is programming the light, the stage is being built and this year's show theme, Awakening, has been carefully worked out to make sure that als aspects of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest link with eachother. In May, Kyiv's city center will be particulary green thanks to hundreds of big boards, banners and posters advertising the upcoming event. The venue itself will be illuminated by twinkling balls in a shade of green light.

Shooting of the postcards is in a final stage and the opening sequence of the show is being worked out in accordance with the theme.

Meanwhile, Eurovision Song Contest director Sven Stojanovic is already in Kyiv preparing his shot lists, describing which camera will be used when.

Sponsors for the contest and related events have been found, merchandising can be ordered, the compact disc with all 39 participating songs is being produced. The EuroClub concept has been worked out, the official websites of the event are up and running after a short delay, press services are available and the hosts are preparing their scripts along with NTU.

Each delegation has a Ukrainian volunteer as personal assistant. The delegation heads already met their guides during last month's Head of Delegation meeting in Kyiv.

An extensive security plan has been worked out to make sure that this year's Eurovision Song Contest is safe for the audience, press, fans, delegations and organisers.

Although NTU still has some key issues to solve, the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest seems to be in the same phase as last year's Olympics: it seems to be chaos, but it the end everything works out well!

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