Dutch delegation votes: 'Greece to win'

by Sietse Bakker 127 views

Traditionally, the Dutch delegation for Kyiv came together to watch the preview videos of the 39 participating songs. After a top-5 voting among the delegation members, Greece topped the score board.

Eurovision Song Contest commentators Willem van Beusekom (tv), Cornald Maas (tv), Ron Stoeltie (radio), Head of Delegation Noortje Kandt, Glennis Grace and her manager John van Katwijk, songwriter Bruce Smith, composer Robert Fisher and others joined the viewing session. After a voting for the top-5 Greece ended up first. The biggest surprise was Denmark as runner-up; so far, Jakob Sveistrup has to be satisfied with mediocre poll results and betting odds. The Dutch delegation had different thoughts on Talking to you.

It was not possible to vote for the Dutch entry.

The top-10 of the Dutch delegation
1. Greece
2. Denmark
3. Iceland
4. Sweden
5. United Kingdom
6. Swizerland
7. Belgium
8. Austria
9. Malta
10. Israel/Spain

Glennis Grace has been visiting Kyiv the past days on invitation of the Dutch gossip magazine Privé. She gave several interviews and spoke with the director of the Eurovision Song Contest, Sven Stojanovic.

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