Ukraine guarantees security in Kyiv

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Besides many problems that arose in connection to municipal construction and road repairs in Kyiv, the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest set another important question before the organizers: can Ukraine
provide the needed level of security for its guests?

Private security companies involved
After analysing the data received from the authorities in charge, it can be said with confidence that Kyiv is ready to provide guarantees for a safe stay for everyone who wants to visit the European singing celebration. The Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of the Emergencies, Department of State Security and Security Service of Ukraine will be responsible for the event's security. The organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest will also involve certain private security companies, which are yet to be determined by a tender.

Experienced with providing security
Overall, Ukraine has extensive experience in organizing and providing security during such top-level events. Thus, during the inauguration of the President of Ukraine in early 2005 the ceremony was attended by more than 500.000 guests and 60 heads of different states. Following the event, diplomats from the countries which took part in the inauguration expressed their appreciation and their confidence with the high level of the event's security.

The first joint meeting of the representatives of the institutions that will deal with Eurovision's security took place on 25th March 2005. The meeting was attended by Mr. Yuriy Lutsenko, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, who is personally supervising the process of establishing proper security at the Eurovision Song Contest. The Minister appointed his deputy Mr. Volodymyr Rudyk as the main coordinator for security issues during the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest.

Book your personal escort
During the Eurovision week, thirteen official Eurovision hotels, as well as the main transportation routes that the guests of the contest will travel will be monitored with special attention. For an additional fee the foreign guests can reserve an official escort from a hotel where they reside to the Sports Palace. Those guests who are interested in this service should submit their individual requests to the responsible authorities, represented by Mr. Pavlo Grytsak and Mr. Oleg Zapadnyuk.

A (women) friendly outlook
According to the rules set by the European Broadcasting Union, the security guards must not wear any military or police uniforms. Thus, the outlook of the uniforms is currently being developed. Overall, approximately 350 persons will provide security in the Sports Palace during the semifinal and the final of the contest itself. That number includes female security staff as well. It is also notable that members of the cynology police will be involved. They will check the inside territory, perimeter outside and visitors to detect forbidden objects, such as drugs.

The 50th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Kyiv on 19th (semifinal) and 21st (final) May.

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